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Nicte Migliozzi

Nicte Migliozzi

"When I'm in my workshop, my mind soars and my designs revitalize my life."

Nicte and her jewelry are characterized by their quality and by their innovative designs. Each piece is fashioned in... three-dimensional form. Seeking the acceptance of shoppers, Nicte carries out each step as she transforms silver into jewelry that is totally beautiful.

"This journey began with my father. Both of us are from Brazil, but we began living in Guatemala in 2019 and we feel totally Guatemalan at heart. This is a country filled with of wonderful, warm, and helpful people, and we have become infected by this good nature. We love this country very much.

When we lived in Brazil, my father and my brother began creating jewelry from bamboo, such as necklaces, rings, and bracelets. We were always very curious and spent a lot of time in the little workshop where my dad worked. It was an art that we fell in love with from the very start.

"Living in Guatemala, my dad searched for other alternatives in order to continue making jewelry, and he discovered the beauty of silver and jade. My brother and I were not very good, but my father's talents were natural. He began teaching us the crafting process step by step, from weighing and smelting the silver to cutting and polishing the jade, until I began to create my own jewelry. I was more inclined toward design and, together, we began creating marvelous pieces. We worked hard every week, which helped me to improve my creative abilities.

"When I'm in my workshop, my mind soars and my designs revitalize my life. Silver is a very noble material that allows us to develop a limitless number of designs. Jade is a precious stone that we love to work with. Together, these materials result in jewelry that is completely beautiful.

I work alongside other people who have taught me a lot, and for whom I am extremely grateful. We have formed a wonderful creative family. Each day is a new opportunity to learn from them. They are geniuses at what they do and I can say that I've learned from the best.

"It fills me with satisfaction to pursue this dream with you. I had always thought of showing my designs in different parts of the world, but was never able to bring it to reality. With my jewelry, you can see the beauty of Guatemala and hold in your hands a design that is handcrafted with dedication and love. I am fortunate to have this ability."
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