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Kadek Sari

Kadek Sari

"My design inspiration can follow fashion trends but is also deeply influenced by our local culture."

"I'm Kadek Sari from Sukawati Bali. I was born in Gianyar in 1982. When I was only six years old, my father passed away... and my mother become a single parent who had to take care of me, my sister and my brother.

"As a child, we lived in a house near Lebih beach where we children always played. We have a shop in a market and I used to help my mother there after school. From her, I learned a lot about business.

"Then I learned to crochet, and began creating hand-crocheted apparel and accessories to sell. It takes a long time to create just one design but I enjoy it.

"I work with the help of my family and a few other people. I give them the designs and the yarn that is necessary for each style. My design inspiration can follow fashion trends but is also deeply influenced by our local culture.

"I'm married and God blessed us with two sons. I was once in a very difficult situation when I used to work in a hotel while I had little kids at home. When I was working, I wasn't able to take care of them. That's why today I give my assistants the opportunity to work from home so they'll earn an income but still be able to look after their husbands and children.

"Because almost all my designs are hand-crocheted, it can be a challenge because of the time required to make them. But so far I am managing the work well.

"I believe in the golden rule. When we do good then we will deserve good things as well but, when we harm someone, then we will someday suffer harm ourselves.

"I'm happy that you are connecting my crochet designs to people around the world. With your orders, we can all continuously work and my assistants can have a steady income."
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