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Made Darmada

Made Darmada

"Failure is not the end — it's just postponed success. Never give up….."

"I'm Made Darmada and I was born in Bali in 1973. I remember how, when I was just a little boy, every night my parents... told me to always be a wise and honest person. There was a time when we went through hard times while both my mother and father were sick and had to stay in bed. It was then that I decided I wanted to become a strong man who can help my parents.

"Bali has a long history of silver artistry and I am a traditional silversmith.

"After graduating, friends suggest I work in silver. I learned to craft jewelry in a specialized school, and afterward refined my knowledge by working with senior silversmiths in my hometown.

"Eventually, I was able to set up my own workshop but it wasn't easy. I started from scratch. Even though I had become skilled in this line, I had no capital. But failure is not the end — it's just postponed success. Never give up though people despise us. Keep on with the good efforts.

"I create my designs and make one sample for each of them. Silversmiths who work with me help me craft them. Many of my designs are handmade and must be processed with traditional tools.

"Today, I'm married and have two children. I hope someday they can continue what I'm doing — making jewelry."
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