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Wilder Paredes

Wilder Paredes

"When creating jewelry, my inspiration is woman herself. For me, she represents a being full of life and beauty."

"When creating jewelry, my inspiration is woman herself. For me, she represents a being full of life and beauty. When I... see semiprecious gemstones, I can only imagine designs that ladies can wear, whether earrings, rings or necklaces to complement their style and elegance.

"I'm Wilder Paredes Bustamante. I was born in a picturesque and traditional village in the Cajamarca province, with its incredible natural landscapes. I am a hardworking man, honorable and a tireless fighter.

"I had many difficulties in my life. My parents took good care of me and taught me the meaning of honor, respect and to always strive for whatever we want. As a boy, I enjoyed painting and Andean music. The flora and fauna of my picturesque village inspire me in my work.

"Life has taken me along different paths and to different jobs. One of the biggest challenges was facing a lung illness that kept me from working for a long time but, thank God, I was able to overcome it and recover. When I was 24, I learned how to sculpt stones from a great teacher, Emilio, whom I remember very fondly.

"To support my family I worked day and night in a thousand jobs for up to 12 hours a day. But there's no sacrifice that hasn't been worth the struggle because I mastered the technique and gained experience in the field, and that has made me a jeweler today.

"Although it took a lot of sacrifice, I was able to study and took courses in jewelry crafting while in the university. My perseverance and desire to succeed helped me stand on my own. This started me on a wonderful path in the world of silver and gemstones. I knew I wanted to do this forever.

"I especially like being able to experiment and see the transformation of the stone. I enjoy combining gems with silver and seeing the finished design. For me, it's a singular emotion and I believe God gave me this gift to create beautiful jewelry. I love seeing beauty that comes from my art. The challenge is reaching my shoppers so they enjoy my designs as much as I do.

"My dream is to show the world my talent and hope of a tomorrow full of joy along with my family. I want to take my creativity very far and to be recognized for quality jewelry."
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