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Dewa Arimbawa

Dewa Arimbawa

"My designs incorporate more traditional aspects of Balinese life, including motifs found in architecture and traditional weaving."

"I was born in Bali in 1983 to a family of educators and traditional artists. My wife and I work hard together to create... our unique jewelry pieces. We don't have children yet, but I hope that one day our work will inspire them to follow in our footsteps and preserve this precious tradition.

"Balinese people are famous for their hospitality as well as our unique culture. Living in Bali is relatively easy because everyone is friendly and helpful.

"My small hometown was once the old capital during the kingdom era when traditional painting, architecture, traditional weaving and sculpture originated and our culture reached its peak. Growing up in this historic place made me aware of how abundant it is and I can draw countless inspiration from this heritage. Most importantly, the spirit of this town has inspired me so much.

"My grandfather was a dancer, painter and sculptor who introduced me to the wonderful art of designing. He taught me the importance of paying attention to small details and finding inspiration in the things that surround me. He encouraged me to always have a sincere heart when designing.

"My parents are teachers who always emphasized persistence and self-discipline to achieve our goals, and this has had a positive impact on me. I've become a more confident person and willing to take responsibility and initiative.

"After graduating from university, I decided to work on a cruise ship to help my parents with our financial problems. I thought I'd be able to broaden my horizons by seeing a bit of everything around the world. Life on a ship was much tougher than I expected, full of constant pressure and little sleep. I had to accommodate guests and meet their satisfaction or there'd be a lot of complaints by the end of the cruise. It was hard in the beginning, but I realized that this tough experience helped shape my character and made me more reliable and persistent.

"Listening to guests' needs and complaints also helped me develop empathy in understanding others. I found it very useful when creating jewelry because I've often had to listen and understand what shoppers want. Now, when I look back on those experiences on the ship, I'm grateful for the chance to see different parts of the world where I've been able to draw inspiration. It was painful, but worth the reward.

"I experience moments of serenity and peace when I am alone and relaxed. When I get back from work and my daily routines every day, I always try to spare some time for myself to just sit and relax. I contemplate what I've lived through and draw inspiration for my designs and improve on something I've been doing wrong before. I would say that this is the moment where I can gain some wisdom.

"In my workshop, we use silver, copper, and gemstones, which are difficult to work with. It takes great artistic and technical skills to make jewelry that people will love and cherish. We craft our designs with great care.

"While many artisans take inspiration from natural beauty of Bali's landscape, flora and fauna, my designs incorporate more traditional aspects of Balinese life, including motifs found in architecture and traditional weaving. My jewelry is special because of its unique designs. They are a beautiful and harmonious combination of traditional patterns and symbols with modern, elegant shapes." The young artisan was chosen to represent Bali in the 2017 Australia Short Course Awards. That same year, he also received the International Business Readiness Short Term Award for jewelry design.
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