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Janeth Quintanilla

"Knowing how to bring an idea to life and make it an original design is the silent success of my creations."

"I'm Janeth Quintanilla. My passion for jewelry was born because I love being up to date on fashion accessories. I... consider myself to be a creative person and this has helped me transform my ideas into jewelry. This is something I truly enjoy and it keeps me in the loop with fashion trends and colors.

"I feel proud to be Mexican. I've been blessed with a happy marriage and two sons. Traveling is something I enjoy because I learn constantly. It inspires me, enriches me and nourishes me visually. I'm in love with life, with my husband, my children and my work. Photography is another passion, I like rainy days, the beach and my home.

"My jewelry materials include gold and nickel charms, old gold, satin metal, amazonite, river pearls, tiger's eye, onyx, crystals, aventurine, gemstone combinations, wood, leather, and more.

"Each of my designs is created with different materials that make it a versatile, unique and eye catching combination.

"My inspiration for design is my love of fashion. I like religious images, amulets and the mix of colors. Knowing how to bring an idea to life and make it an original design is the silent success of my creations.

"My first design was a black nylon crocheted bracelet. It was embroidered with a scapular and included religious charms and amulets to attract good luck, love, fortune and protection. These include semi precious stones, crystals and, above all, a lot of color. This bracelet is very meaningful for me, so I've kept it ever since I made it in 2008.

"I seek artisan women to train and I offer them a salary so that my designs are created with excellent quality. I strive to treat these artisans with dignity in a unique working environment.

"My team is made up of Mexican women who enjoy working and want a better income for their families. All of our designs are crafted completely by hand and no two are identical."
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