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"My love for art is part of my personality, and I show it in the care, love and attention to detail I put into every piece I create."

"I was born in West Bengal in the late 1970s. While growing up, I had a passion for Indian crafts and learned how to... create jewelry. It's my way of expressing my vision.

"I've been interested in painting and the arts since I was a child, but I didn't receive a formal art education because my father wanted me to study science. After graduating with a degree in bioscience, I got married and had a son who was born with cerebral palsy in 2006. The first three or four years were very challenging, but I know he is a special child and I am proud to be his mother. To get him better treatment, I moved to Kolkata with my husband.

"To alleviate my depression, I started visiting different art galleries and met friends in the art field. These exposed me to new art and creative thinking.

"When I learned about different traditional arts and crafts in Kolkata, I met with lot of new friends who work in this field. One day, I had some clay in my hand and it changed my life. I began creating and designing pots and many things with clay. My creativity with this medium made me very happy. It always motivates me to create something new.

"One day, some of my friends asked me to design some jewelry with clay and they liked it a lot. Then, in 2011, I began designing jewelry with clay. My love for art is part of my personality, and I show it in the care, love and attention to detail I put into every piece I create.

"I have crafted lot of modern ceramics jewelry designs, and I'm inspired by folk art and traditional Indian arts. I feel as though this the only the beginning. I create lots of innovative designs which I'd like to craft in the near future. I also get lots of ideas from my customers' feedback to incorporate into my designs and it's become a learning experience. One day, I hope to become a well known jewelry artisan and would love it if people around the world admired my creations.

"My mother has been a great motivator and inspiration. She has been with me every step of the way and I'm really grateful for her help. I conduct workshops with my mother assisting me. There are lot of people who are involved in this work and I want to help generate work opportunities in my community."
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