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Made Sri

Made Sri

"We use sterling silver and gemstones. Our jewelry is a unique art."

"I'm Made Siri from Bali. I'm the eldest of three sisters. My father died when I was seven years old and my mother was... left to take care of us on her own. She did a wonderful job of it.

"When I grew up, I left home to help my family and worked in a jewelry company. I learned a lot there and made some very good friends. I later got married and gave birth to two healthy boys.

"I left my job after 15 years to take care of my family. I had to choose between them and job. In the end, I chose my family because I believe in them and they mean so much to me.

"But I'm a person who can't sit still. I'm very active and I like to be creative. I finally opened a small jewelry workshop at home because I like jewelry so much. I enjoy fashion. Because I was young, I didn't want to waste time and wanted to do better in life.

"I believe that with goodwill and honesty, every effort is better. I'm very thankful to all my family for their love and sacrifices. I believe that parents' good karma is also good for their children. I also thank God.

"My husband and I are sometimes assisted by relatives and silversmiths when we have a lot of work. I decide who does what from my observation of their skills and talents. I create the designs and my husband and silversmiths craft them. We use sterling silver and gemstones. Our jewelry is a unique art."
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