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Multigem Birthstone Balinese Jewelry for Women

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Multi-gemstone gold accented cuff bracelet, 'Meeting of Hearts' - Multi-gemstone Gold Accented Cuff Bracelet from Bali

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Meeting of Hearts

Multi-gemstone Gold Accented Cuff...

(Kadek Hendra)

Multi-gemstone cuff bracelet, 'Dragon Empire' - Dragon-Themed Multi-Gemstone Cuff Bracelet from Bali

Guaranteed Delivery

Dragon Empire

Dragon-Themed Multi-Gemstone Cuff Bracelet...

4.9 (Buana)
$257.99 $232.19

Multi-gemstone cuff bracelet, 'Dazzling Butterflies' - Multi-Gemstone and Sterling Silver Butterflies Cuff Bracelet

Guaranteed Delivery

Dazzling Butterflies

Multi-Gemstone and Sterling Silver...

4.9 (Buana)
$259.99 $233.99
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