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Necklace Gifts for Mom

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Turquoise pendant necklace, 'Window of History' - Geometric Turquoise Pendant Necklace from Mexico

Window of History

Geometric Turquoise Pendant Necklace...

(Oscar Figueroa Escorcia)
$44.99 $40.49

Jade pendant necklace, 'Eternal Love' - Jade Handcrafted Pendant

Jade Elegance

Jade Handcrafted Pendant

(Jimenez Family)

Amethyst beaded necklace, 'Grape Twist' - Amethyst beaded necklace

Grape Twist

Amethyst beaded necklace

4.9 (Neeru Goel)
$359.99 $305.99

Gold plated agate pendant necklace, 'Tijuca Forest' - Brazil Handcrafted Gold Plated Green Agate Necklace with CZ

Tijuca Forest

Brazil Handcrafted Gold Plated Green Agate...

(Gemstone Jewelry of Southern Brazil)
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