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Jade Sterling Silver Beaded Necklaces for Women

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Jade beaded necklace, 'Attraction Continuum' - Asian Jade Beaded Artisan Crafted Necklace from Thailand

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Attraction Continuum

Asian Jade Beaded Artisan Crafted...

(Somluck Komolmith)

Jade pendant necklace, 'Traditional Virtue' - Natural Jade Beaded Pendant Necklace from Guatemala

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Traditional Virtue

Natural Jade Beaded Pendant Necklace...

(Ruben and Gilda Perez)
$59.99 $47.99

Jade beaded necklace, 'Dance of Attraction' - Fair Trade Asian Jade Artisan Crafted Beaded Necklace

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Dance of Attraction

Fair Trade Asian Jade Artisan Crafted...

(Somluck Komolmith)
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