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Birthstone Stainless Steel Jewelry for Women

85 items

Pearl wrap bracelet, 'Rose Solstice' - Pearl wrap bracelet

Rose Solstice

Pearl wrap bracelet

5.0 (Anusara)
$54.99 $49.49

Quartz and aquamarine choker, 'Floral Joy' - Floral Quartz Necklace

Floral Joy

Floral Quartz Necklace

5.0 (Busarin)
$49.99 $44.99

Pearl strand necklace, 'Ivory Fishnet' - Bridal Pearl Necklace

Ivory Fishnet

Bridal Pearl Necklace

4.9 (Sasina)
$64.99 $58.49

Lapis lazuli choker, 'Raindrops' - Lapis Lazuli Choker Necklace


Lapis Lazuli Choker Necklace

5.0 (Busarin)
$49.99 $44.99

Pearl choker, 'Golden Secrets' - Pearl Choker Necklace

Golden Secrets

Pearl Choker Necklace

(Somluck Komolmith)
$59.99 $53.99

Pearl flower earrings, 'Pink Blossom' - Pearl flower earrings

Pink Blossom

Pearl flower earrings

5.0 (Nareerat)
$44.99 $40.49

Beaded waterfall necklace, 'Red Empress' - Beaded waterfall necklace

Red Empress

Beaded waterfall necklace

5.0 (Busarin)
$67.99 $54.39

Garnet choker, 'Amber Fishnet' - Beaded Garnet Necklace

Amber Fishnet

Beaded Garnet Necklace

5.0 (Busarin)
$59.99 $47.99
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