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Purple Aquamarine Birthstone Y Necklace Necklaces

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Multi gem Y-necklace, 'Tender Blossoms' - Amethyst and citrine choker

Guaranteed Delivery

Tender Blossoms

Amethyst and citrine choker

5.0 (Busarin)

Amethyst and calcite necklace,'Tender Blossoms' - Hanging Multigem Necklace

Guaranteed Delivery

Turquoise Dream

Hanging Multigem Necklace

5.0 (Busarin)

Amethyst and peridot choker, 'Sweet Serenade' - Beaded Silver Necklace with Gemstone Accents

Guaranteed Delivery

Lucious and Lovely

Beaded Silver Necklace with Gemstone...

5.0 (Busarin)
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