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Black Thai Pendant Necklaces

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Cultured pearl pendant necklace, 'Moon at Midnight' - Unique Modern Sterling Silver and Pearl Necklace

Guaranteed Delivery

Moon at Midnight

Unique Modern Sterling Silver and Pearl...

(Withaya Cheunjit)

Black chalcedony and pearl pendant necklace, 'In Dreams' - Handcrafted Chalcedony Beaded Pendant Necklace

Guaranteed Delivery

Midnight Teardrop

Handcrafted Chalcedony Beaded Pendant...

5.0 (Nareerat)

Onyx and agate choker, 'Square on the Circle' - Agate Artisan Crafted Necklace

Guaranteed Delivery

Geometric Rain

Agate Artisan Crafted Necklace

(Lilly Rahmann)

Multi-gemstone beaded pendant necklace, 'Everlasting Bond' - Multi-Gemstone Beaded Pendant Necklace from Thailand

Guaranteed Delivery

Everlasting Bond

Multi-Gemstone Beaded Pendant Necklace...

(Somluck Komolmith)
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