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Silver Button Earrings

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Jade button earrings, 'Dark Green Princess of the Forest' - Jade button earrings

Dark Green Forest Princess

Jade button earrings

(Zandra Lorena Sajbin)

Amazonite stud earrings, 'Heavenly Halo' - Amazonite stud earrings

Heavenly Halo

Amazonite stud earrings

(Carlos Gonzalez)

Gold plated filigree earrings, 'Solar Auras' - Gold plated filigree earrings

Solar Auras

Gold plated filigree earrings

(Giuliana Valz-Gen)

Pearl flower earrings, 'Pink Blossom' - Pearl flower earrings

Pink Blossom

Pearl flower earrings

5.0 (Nareerat)
$47.99 $43.19
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