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Sterling Silver Anklets

Shop to build a better world! UNICEF Market's Sterling Silver Anklet Collection helps UNICEF save and protect the world's most vulnerable children. Every gift you purchase helps save children's lives.

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Sterling silver station anklet, 'Station to Station' - Sterling Silver Station Anklet

Station to Station

Sterling Silver Station Anklet

(Adriana de Gadea)
$49.99 $44.99

Labradorite and carnelian anklet, 'Delhi Dusk' - Labradorite and carnelian anklet

Delhi Dusk

Labradorite and carnelian anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$44.99 $42.74

Chalcedony and cultured pearl anklet, 'View of the Sky' - Pearl and Chalcedony Anklet

Ocean's Calm

Pearl and Chalcedony Anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$54.99 $52.24

Onyx anklet, 'Moon Dancer' - Onyx anklet

Moon Dancer

Onyx anklet

4.9 (Shanker)
$79.99 $75.99

Onyx and garnet beaded anklet, 'Royal Dancer' - Onyx and garnet beaded anklet

Royal Dancer

Onyx and garnet beaded anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$27.99 $25.19

Lapis lazuli anklet, 'Sky Princess' - Lapis lazuli anklet

Sky Princess

Lapis lazuli anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$49.99 $42.49

Rainbow moonstone anklet, 'Mystic Stone' - Rainbow Moonstone anklet

Mystic Stone

Rainbow Moonstone anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$54.99 $52.24

Sterling silver anklet, 'In Diamonds' - India Sterling Silver Ankle Jewelry

In Diamonds

India Sterling Silver Ankle Jewelry

(Shubhra Singh)
$74.99 $71.24

Lapis lazuli beaded anklet, 'Knowledge' - Lapis lazuli beaded anklet


Lapis lazuli beaded anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$49.99 $42.49

Onyx and garnet charm anklet, 'Java Charm' - Sterling Silver Link Anklet with Charms

Java Charm

Sterling Silver Link Anklet with Charms

(Rosalia Tarigan)
$109.99 $98.99

Onyx anklet, 'Midnight Grace' - Onyx anklet

Midnight Grace

Onyx anklet

5.0 (Narayannii)
$44.99 $39.59
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