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Over Thirty
Years of Impact

UNICEF and Johnson & Johnson’s work in 20 countries and territories has reached hundreds of thousands of women and children with life-saving assistance by strengthening health systems through training and empowerment of health workers and through development and implementation of innovative tools to help bridge health access and health equity gaps. Through its commitment to the health and well-being of vulnerable communities, Johnson & Johnson has been a key partner in UNICEF's efforts to help every child thrive and live a happy, healthy life.

2,863 early childhood development kits were delivered in 2017

1. Find a Gift

Search for lifesaving gifts from the list above. Each gift helps children in need around the world.

2. Dedicate it

Dedicate your gift to a friend or loved-one with a personalized gift card or e-greeting.

3. UNICEF Delivers

UNICEF sends the card to your friend, and delivers the gift to children in the greatest need.

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