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Blue Embroidered Cotton Tops for Women

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Cotton top, 'Majestic Blue' - Embroidered White Cotton Top

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Majestic Blue

Embroidered White Cotton Top

(Neha Sharma)
$49.99 $39.99

Embroidered sleeveless cotton blouse, 'Delhi Spring in Wedgwood' - Sleeveless Cotton Blouse in Blue from India

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Delhi Spring in Wedgwood

Sleeveless Cotton Blouse in Blue...

(Shashi Sehgal)

Cotton tunic, 'Blue on White Elegance' - White Cotton Tunic with Indian Embroidery Designs in Blue

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Blue on White Elegance

White Cotton Tunic with Indian...

5.0 (Shalabh)

Cotton blouse, 'Vibrant Waves in Indigo' - Cotton Blouse in Indigo from Thailand

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Vibrant Waves in Indigo

Cotton Blouse in Indigo from Thailand

(Jariya Kakaew)
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