Unique Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

It never fails to be awkward: the office Christmas party. Instead of bringing good tidings of cheer, the annual get-together can often bring a sense of dread as you scramble to figure out what you’ll get for your boss, your work buddy, and that annoying guy in the cubicle next door. But no matter whose name you drew in this year’s Secret Santa, UNICEF Market has a gift that won’t just be unique (and be the envy of everyone in the office!) it’ll take the stress out of your gift-giving too!

Buying a Christmas Gift for Your Boss

Give your boss the best gift of all when you help them spread love around the world. That might sound like a pretty tall order, but you can make it happen with an Inspired Gift! Inspired by the spirit of generosity—or simply someone who inspires you—, this unique gift allows you to donate life-saving supplies for children in someone else’s name.

Your boss won’t receive a physical gift if you take advantage of this option, but they will get the peace and beauty of knowing that because of your donation, five children around the world will have warm blankets against the winter cold. Is there any more beautiful gift than that?

Warm blankets for five children, $33.00

If you find yourself looking at other UNICEF Market gifts and going, “Too quirky… too artistic…” don’t give up! Because no matter how picky or traditional your boss’ taste is, who wouldn’t love these tea-light candle holders?? Skillfully crafted by Indian artist Gulam Rasool—who has won a state award for excellence in design—this set of two soapstone candle holders are sure to light up any home. (And they even come with tea lights!)

Though he’s received a considerable amount of recognition in his home country, Gulam is still just happy to share his passion with others. And in the case of these candle holders—lovingly named “tendril tales” by Gulam— the intricate swirls of the design will inspire others to tell their own story through design. The candle’s proceeds also help to provide measles vaccines for 21 children around the world.

Tea Light Artisan Candleholders, ‘Tendril Tales’, $39.99

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Clients

If you don’t know your client’s favorite wine, don’t sweat it—just get them these glasses and let them find the wine! Clear and delicate with a dramatic ruby rim, this set of four handblown wine glasses aren’t just gorgeous, they’re also practical; these glasses are designed to keep your wine chilled while you sip!

Handcrafted by Mexican artists Javier and Efren—whose works have been featured in everything from Sunset magazine to the Miami Herald—these glasses are an extension of their vision for global art. Javier and Efren write that they “love blown glass because of the pure imagination poured into every piece created,” and we think you will too.

Set of 4 Hand Blown Wine Goblets, ‘Drops of Ruby’, $49.99

If you want to continue that warm relationship with a favorite client, give them the gift of friendship this year with a collectible UNICEF friendship ornament. Each of these ornaments are painted by hand, so no two are alike in style, but they all represent love, peace, and sharing as the children depicted on the ornament soar across the night sky to deliver presents. And to further share the love, proceeds from each of these ornaments will provide 19 children with vaccinations against polio.

Collectible UNICEF Glass Ball Ornament , ‘Gift of Friendship’, $16.00

Artsy Christmas Gifts for Co-Workers

Don’t just wish your co-workers good luck and happy new year—give them luck in a tea pot, or, at least the next best thing! This unique elephant-shaped tea pot features Buddha riding an elephant, an image that is commonly associated with good luck and health.

Handcrafted by Indonesian artist Oka Mahendra, like the rest of his art, this mug was inspired by his mother, who instilled in him a love for design. Its proceeds also go to provide 33 packets of lifesaving nourishment for malnourished children.

Unique Elephant Ceramic Teapot, ‘Luck and Good Health’, $59.99

For co-workers who are all too familiar with the daily grind, you can commiserate in style with this figurine. Although the figure represented is an accountant, we all know the feeling of being hunched over our desks for hours, and your co-workers are sure to appreciate it all the same.

They’ll also appreciate the fact that this figurine is handcrafted from recyclable Mexican metal and can purchase 104 sachets of oral rehydration salts for children fighting dehydration and diarrhea.

 Hand Crafted Recycled Metal Rustic Sculpture Mexico, ‘Rustic Accountant’, $38.02

Click here to learn how to sponsor a child with UNICEF USA. And learn how to make online donations today.

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