Travel Must-Haves from UNICEF Market

We wanted to list our favorite travel must-haves that we have featured on UNICEF Market. Summer is in full swing and for many that means it’s time for some R&R. Whether you’re heading for a quick overnight at the beach or a longer stay somewhere further from home, you’ll need to pack… so why not pack with purpose. Before you head off for your summer adventure, purchase a travel accessory must-have from UNICEF Market and give back to those less fortunate who may never know what it’s like to jet set the world or even enjoy a nice lobster dinner as they sit and overlook the ocean. Here’s some of our favorite travel accessories for you to consider for your upcoming trip:

Travel Must-Haves For Your Precious Jewels

Handcrafted Travel Jewelry Case from Thailand  

Travel Must-Haves 1

Handcrafted Batik Travel Set

Travel Must-Haves 2

Travel Must-Haves For Your Makeup Needs

Striped Cotton Cosmetic Travel Bags

Travel Must Haves 3

Fair Trade Cotton Cosmetic Bags

Travel Must Haves 4

Travel Must-Haves To Carry With You

Blue Cotton with Leather Accents Guatemalan Shoulder Bag

Travel Must Haves 5

Fair Trade Recycled Jute and Leather Bag

Travel Must Haves 6

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