Spring into Style with Seasonable Fashion

It is time to welcome warmer weather and brighten up your wardrobe for the 2018 spring season. This is when it’s great to add some fun color to your closet with bright florals, light textures, and casual apparel and accessories, all from talented artisans from around the world.

UNICEF Market catalog has all you will need to make the most of your spring wardrobe, thanks to handmade spring jewelry, apparel, and accessories that are sure to make your spring the most fashionable season yet.

Bring on the flowers

Handcrated Sterling Silver and Turquoise Colored Cuff, silver Seasonable Fashion

Handcrafted Sterling Silver and Turquoise Colored Cuff, ‘Independent Spirit’

Show your flower power and add some floral patterns to your wardrobe. If this is too bold for you, you can always add some fun flower-inspired jewelry to complement your outfit. A floral necklace, bracelet or even a cute pair of floral earrings can change the way your outfit looks, making it more casual and spring-like.

Be open to new trends

Spring and summer give you a world of colors to play with and you can have lots of fun experimenting with different color pallets. Keep in mind that including lighter and cheerier colors can make a positive impact in your mood.

100% Viscose Sundress in Powder Blue from India, dresses seasonable fashion

Sundress from India, ‘Powder Blue Morning’

The idea is to add a few pieces that will brighten up your wardrobe, and to create a look that fits your lifestyle, as well as being comfortable for you.

The colors

Traditional spring colors are light shades of blue, green, yellow and lavender, among others that will soon enough be seen everywhere as people start to embrace the season and digging into the spring trends.

Don’t forget the accessories

Accessories are a big part of spring fashion, and you can go as bold or as subtle as you feel comfortable doing. Don’t forget to add different colored jewelry, along with handbags and shoes to go with your spring apparel.

Guatemalan Handwoven Turquoise Cotton Tote with Green Yellow, bags, handmade seasonable fashion

Guatemalan Handwoven Turquoise Cotton Tote with Green and Yellow, ‘Joyous Colors’


How about lightweight scarves and wraps like this gorgeous handcrafted silk shawl from Indonesia by the skilled artisan, Dewa De Wardana featuring oversized butterflies over a white background.

Hand Crafted Silk Painted Shawl from Indonesia, shawls seasonable fashion

Handcrafted Silk Painted Shawl from Indonesia, ‘Balinese Butterflies’

Don’t forget the handbag

A handbag might be all you need to bring that splash of color and a spring vibe to your closet. A bright handbag can make a wonderful focal point and create a completely different look to an assemble. It can also dress up or down what you are wearing, making your handbag an essential piece in your closet that deserves proper attention and consideration.

Floral Embroidered Wool Shoulder Bag, 'Country Dawn' seasonable fashion

Floral Embroidered Wool Shoulder Bag, ‘Country Dawn’

UNICEF Market has all you need to bring an exciting vibe to your spring wardrobe, and remember that when you buy any of the products in the UNICEF Market catalog, you are not only helping artisans bring their work to a part of the world that they would otherwise not have access to, but you are also helping children from remote parts of the world to get vaccinations and medical help.

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