Opulent Opals: October’s Birthstone

Opals are one of those stones that have been the inspiration for many beautiful jewelry pieces around the world. No matter if it’s set into a ring, a necklace, earrings, or a bracelet, it catches the eyes of those around you.

The official birthstone for October, opals have been looked upon for many years as a protective stone meant to keep the wearer from harm. It also symbolizes purity and hope. But there is more than meets the eyes when it comes to opals. Yes, it is a striking stone that flashes iridescent colors when viewed from different angles and even when there is no light at all, but there is more to it than that.

‘Andean Corsage in Pastel’ Peruvian Opal and Sterling Silver Cluster Button Earrings

There are two types of opals. The precious opal flashes colors like yellow, red, purple, blue, and even green thanks to the visual effect of shifting colors, which flash colored light from certain minerals as they are turned in the white light. The common opal does not have the same visual effect.

A gift from the sky

This unique and beautiful stone is one of Mother Nature’s gifts. While there have been many guesses about how exactly opals are formed, many believe that they are created when the water from rain trickles down into the cracks in rocks. Once the water evaporates, the silica left in these cracks dries out and hardens, creating an opal.

An amazing stone for beautiful jewelry

An opal is with a doubt a great gift option for anyone but especially anyone born in October.

There are many different choices for anyone looking to incorporate a jewelry piece showcasing opals. UNICEF market has compiled great artisans from different parts of the globe who create beautiful and unique pieces, such as this opal and sterling silver solitaire ring from Peru by skillful artisan Ana Cristina Llapa from the Andes.

‘Powerful Sweetness’ Opal and Sterling Silver Single Stone Ring from Peru

There is no saying what the perfect choice is—there are many different styles to match the wearer’s personality—but when in doubt, you can always resort to something simple and stylish, like one of these sterling silver Andean drop earrings with inset opals. While it is very simple, it is also an eye-catching piece of jewelry.

‘Window’ Sterling Silver Andean Drop Earrings with Opal

Want a bolder option? This gorgeous handcrafted pink opal and garnet sterling silver flower necklace might be just what you are looking for!

‘Glowing Flower’ Pink Opal and Garnet Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

The truth is that born in October or not, anyone can appreciate a beautiful opal jewelry piece, especially because whenever you purchase something from the UNICEF market, you are helping children in need from all over the world.

Modern Sterling Silver and Opal Ring, ‘Never Apart’


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