Eight Ways To Empower Women

One of the critical elements in speeding up the development of emerging economic regions, is to empower women to take on a larger role in the community. We have shared other articles on this subject on the UNICEF Market blog but we wanted to source material from ReadGlobal on eight key factors that can help empower women thus helping us grow these new economic regions:

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  1. Education – educating women is a key factor, particularly teaching reading and writing. Women work on so many things, including caring for the family and traveling to get supplies. Reading can help them be more efficient and excel in more ways.
  2. Creating Community Resources – women who can come together and discuss issues, tend to excel more than those that are isolated. When communities spring up groups, reading clubs or open forums, women can benefit from the network and reach more people with their ideas.
  3. Independence and Mobility – 77% of women in Nepal are able to leave their home unaccompanied to attend a Read Center. This is unheard of in the region as many women cannot leave the house without being accompanied by a male.
  4. Create Female Leaders – Again using South Asia as an example, women do not hold leadership roles. Leadership training and support groups will help this by first giving women a voice in their home and then on the political stage.
  5. Grow Health Resources – Women while being the primary caregivers, are also the first port of call for a family on health issues. Teaching women basic first aid and also providing maternity and child healthcare support can further enable women to help their communities.
  6. Increase Income and Savings –teaching women how to manage finances can be a huge boost as they start to value their skills and grow their savings. Many women in South Asia and Africa are investing in themselves and small businesses.
  7. Teach Job Skills – Based on information from ReadGlobal, one in five Nepali women report going on to start her own income-generating business after joining a savings cooperative and taking skills training at a READ Center.
  8. Give Women A Voice – By helping women build self esteem and giving them a voice, they will grow stronger and stronger. Women have great spirits and will push on like their Western counterparts.

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