Easy Jewelry Styles for Men

Many men are “ shy” when it comes to jewelry and quite often, prefer not to wear any jewelry other than a watch and wedding ring.

The trick for men’s jewelry

Jewelry for men can be intimidating as it is generally a field of expertise for members of the opposite sex, but the reality is that conquering the world of men’s jewelry is easier than you think. The key to choosing jewelry that will be appreciated is to keep it simple and to make it a continuation of his clothing style.

Laid-back lifestyle

Leather and silver items are great options for anyone with a relaxed, laid-back lifestyle. This works best for the wearer who doesn’t want to worry about matching or swapping accessories when they change their clothing. Another advantage is choosing something that does not require much care if any, and that would work with basically anything he wears like the ‘Sands of Time’ leather and brass wristband seen below.

'Sands of Time' Men's Leather and Brass Wristband Jewelry Styles for Men

‘Sands of Time’ Men’s Leather and Brass Wristband

For the trendy man

There are several men’s jewelry trends that are very in right now, one being braided leather bracelets.  These are one of the top candidates for modern men.

The key is in the style. A more elaborate design of leather bracelet makes a big difference. It can change the whole vibe and feel of the piece. Take the black ‘Kintamani Weave’ men’s bracelet from Bali pictured in the image below. It’s elegant and stylish without being over the top, which makes it easy to wear with many different clothing styles.

Jewelry Styles for Men Kintamani Weave in Black Braided Leather Wristband Bracelet in Black from Bali Jewelry Styles for Men

‘Kintamani Weave in Black’ Braided Leather Wristband Bracelet in Black from Bali

Add a little color

Added color in your piece makes it a little bolder and turns it into a statement piece. This beautiful ‘Power Blue’ handmade lapis lazuli and leather cuff from Thailand is created by UNICEF artisan Chaloemphon.

Power Blue', Lapis Lazuli Cuff Bracelet in Leather Handmade in Thailand Jewelry Styles for Men

‘Power Blue’, Lapis Lazuli Cuff Bracelet in Leather Handmade in Thailand

Add beads to the mix

Beads were in style years ago and are making a powerful comeback. Beaded jewelry, unlike what you might think, can be very masculine. More and more men are catching on and adding some of these beaded bracelets to their wardrobe.

'Magnitude',Men's Tiger's Eye and Black Agate Stretch Bracelet Jewelry Styles for Men

‘Magnitude’ Men’s Tiger’s Eye and Black Agate Stretch Bracelet

Beaded bracelets can be worn on the same arm as your watch or the opposite arm, depending on the effect you want to create. Wear them by themselves or mix and match with other bracelets.

Play with the materials

The great thing about men’s jewelry is that it can be designed with a variety of materials. Wood, silver, leather and other materials such as rubber are often employed. The latter is less likely to be worn by women but looks amazing when used in men’s jewelry.

Go with the traditional

You can, of course, stick to traditional materials like gold, sterling silver, brass, and even stainless steel.

There are many jewelry pieces designed with these materials including necklaces and rings. The ring below is created with sterling silver and wood.

Easy Jewelry Styles for Men Triumph', Men's Unique Brazilian Sterling Silver and Wood Band Ring

‘Triumph’ Men’s Unique Brazilian Sterling Silver and Wood Band Ring

Don’t forget necklaces! Some men prefer pendant necklaces that represent something they particularly like or that hold meaning for them. Others like to keep it simpler by wearing a fine chain by itself.

Easy Jewelry Styles for men Sterling Silver Buddha Pendant Necklace from Bali, 'Charm of Buddha'

Sterling Silver Buddha Pendant Necklace from Bali, ‘Charm of Buddha’

Shopping the UNICEF market provides access to many skillful artisans from different parts of the world, but also, you are making a difference by helping to save the lives of children.

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