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Bia Ribas

Bia Ribas

"My paintings are my feelings expressed in colors. I just sign them when I perceive it will give pleasure and joy to the viewers. Life is wonderful! Treat it always with great respect."

Charismatic and spontaneous, Bia Ribas inherited her ability and love of art from her mother, a talented architect.... Fascinated by images with strong and vibrant colors, she eventually left her work in the financial markets for painting.

"Both learning and confronting my doubts and inner questions are a challenge that I seek through my art. The final moments of a painting, when I discover a harmonious solution that brings peace and coherence to the viewer, bring me much satisfaction and pride.

"One of my largest painting series focused on the farmers of Vietnam and China. Everything began with a film that I saw, titled Indochina. I photographed a lot of scenes and started from them. Over many months, I researched on the Internet, searching for more images and stories. I still do this today, and my creative path can begin with a spontaneous vision or even with an appeal for a photo.

"The person who most motivated me and believed in my talent was my dear friend and cousin, Cristina. My son also helps me with his excellent feedback. From the time he was a child, he has possessed the eye of an innate artist, and he now works with digital art. My father was a great friend and partner who was always present in the difficult and important moments of my life.

"One of the things that I take care to preserve is my inner child, that I adore — with whom I can play, joke, dare, break the rules, smile…. I doubt a single day goes by without this child making me laugh, and often, bringing me to tears!

"I want to live from my art. I want it to become a passport so that I can choose where and how I want to live. I want to live in a smaller and calmer city.

"In the 1970s, I enrolled in the university and majored in economics, but it wasn't totally satisfying. At the end of the first year, on an impulse, I decided to change to fine arts. Although I found this extremely satisfying, I needed a more conventional career, and graduated with a degree in economics. I worked as stockbroker for ten years and my work was recognized in the finance markets of Rio de Janeiro.

"In 1993, the challenges and the adrenaline of that activity no longer satisfied me. I felt the need to give expression to my inner voice that pointed in another direction. I enrolled in Rio de Janeiro's Parque Lage School of Visual Arts where I discovered a varied range of experiences and techniques in art. By 2004, I found I was ready to begin confronting my painting in a more professional way.

"I think we are comprised of several sides and facets that need to be fed. Without a doubt, motherhood was the greatest discovery of my life when I began to enter into a deeper contact with my true essence and to live the sensation of unconditional love.

"Another vital facet is my childish side of which I am very proud. She makes me vibrate — loudly — when I see a beautiful piece of art or a magical natural landscape. A concert of beautiful music. A pleasant conversation with my loved ones. Those moments of solitude in which I appreciate the pleasure of my own company, sipping a glass of good wine, carried along with the sound of good music…. In short, to pulsate with the feeling of being present in the here and now.

"My paintings are my feelings expressed in colors. I just sign them when I perceive it will give pleasure and joy to the viewers.

"Life is wonderful! Treat it always with great respect."

Since 2005, Bia Ribas has exhibited her work in Brazil, the US and Italy.
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