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Sandra Barahona

Sandra Barahona

"It really has been a trial and error process and I am thankful to the artisans who collaborate with me at the workshop because they have known how to transform my ideas into tangible pieces."

"I'm a Salvadoran woman of good taste, creative and dedicated. I've always been interested in fashion accessories such... as watches and handbags and after years of working in marketing for transnational companies I got the idea of designing women's handbags. My designs are based on what I like, my experiences, and from what I learned from international brands.

"I began to work with recycled materials such as pneumatic tires. This opportunity actually arrived on itself, when I was watching TV and I came upon a program about handcrafts where they were transforming the tires into animal figurines.

"I starting working on my own, experimenting with the different ideas I had in mind about silhouettes and details. I began with small and simple accessories and as I improved in my use of the tires so did my designs because I got to understand its properties and limitations as a material. By interacting during fashion shows I began to receive complements as well as good advice on how to structure and establish a family of designs.

"It really has been a trial and error process, and I am thankful to the artisans who collaborate with me at the workshop because they have known how to transform my ideas into tangible pieces. I have learned so much about procedures from these artisans during our time together, and I have shared with them what I have learned from professional experience and personal tastes.

"I am drawn to the creative process and designing a variety of products by combining the textures, letters, numbers and even the patches on the tires. In this way I am also contributing to the preservation of our environment. I also work with jute, being a natural fiber it makes my designs more interesting and it is respectful of the environment.

"It is satisfying to know that I have found a way to offer financial stability and opportunities to people who wish to develop professionally, as well as a working environment in which this team of artisans can express themselves freely and improve their art and skills.

"Getting started with my own little workshop has been a gratifying experience. It has also been a process of constant learning. It has been a challenge, but we are trying to do the best we can. My dream is to introduce my designs to different markets. I am interested in developing viable and functional alternatives to recycled materials based on the imagination and skills of my collaborators, as well as sustainable techniques and procedures.

"Many thanks for your support and interest in my designs!"
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