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"For me, my art is a fusion of fantasy and reality."

"It was through jewelry that I met my husband, who returned from the U.S. where he had worked as a jeweler. He taught me... so much, and is still by my side, helping me perfect my work and giving me his total support.

"When I was a little girl, I liked to draw, and today I have a lot of fun designing and creating jewelry. I think it awoke the latent child artist in me. I find a great deal of satisfaction in my work as I strive to transmit freshness in my designs, and craft them with the highest quality. For me, my art is a fusion of fantasy and reality.

"I'm Carmen Rosa Gamio Alvarez and I was born in Lima on May 23, 1974. After high school, I studied fashion design, and then spent two years in the Escuela Nacional de Bellas Artes del Peru, majoring in fine art. "My artistic name is Zilhi, in honor of our daughter. My husband, Adrian Miranda Riojas, is also a Novica-featured artist. While living in the U.S. for many years, he worked with a number of Hindu people and learned a great deal about their culture and traditions. When we learned we were expecting a girl, we made a list of Hindu and African American names, and chose Najma Zilhi, which means 'Star.' This is now the artistic name for both of us, as our art is also born from our union.

"Motherhood is greatest challenge in life and my greatest satisfaction. In my career, I find competing with many other designers a challenge.

"I'd like to tell Novica shoppers that my designs are crafted entirely by hand with rigorously selected materials. I bring this wonderful art to you with much love. Please enjoy it!"
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