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Ileana Umaña

Ileana Umaña

“My name is Ileana Umaña. I am totally in love with the beauty that you can transmit into a piece of jewelry. In the... year 2010, I began learning about glass as a form of art.

“First, I learned how to make stained glass. I was forcing myself to learn this art for a whole year until a teacher taught me how to work with molten glass, a material that allows you to combine different forms and colors. It captivated me from the very first moment. I decided to follow this technique right away, which gave me the opportunity to create a limitless number of pieces. I was inspired by the versatility of it, as well as the infinite possibilities of using color in a material as noble as glass.

“All of this began as a simple hobby, but, thanks to God, it transformed into my passion. Today, it is a full-time occupation that I love, and it allows my family to have a fixed income, but above all else, it is an art form that allows me to express my feelings.

“My inspiration comes from the environment that surrounds me; it comes from living in a marvelous country with an immense variety of color, diversity of flora and fauna, mountains, oceans, volcanoes, and sunsets that never cease to impress.

“My objective is to reflect a unique beauty in each piece, focused entirely on highlighting the beauty of the woman who searches for something natural and unique. I am totally grateful for each blessing and opportunity received, and I always seek to give the best part of myself. I am always learning, and in this way, I will always be able to give my clients quality work.”
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