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Marco Molina

Marco Molina

"I find inspiration in visiting museums, in observing the work of other jewelers and of sculptors and painters."

"I was born in 1984 in the town of Taxco, home of some of Mexico's richest silver mines. It was natural for me to become... a jewelry artisan.

"It all began with my grandfather, who worked in silver. He taught my father, who passed this family art on to me. I was also taught by a master jeweler in town.

"Learning this craft cost me many hours of sleep. The day simply wasn't long enough, so working late became a part of my routine. On the other hand, I found that patience is the key. A lot of patience and also travel, as I learned about the different styles and techniques used throughout Mexico's world of jewelry.

"Like every other person, I've had some tough moments. They included the economic crises in Mexico in 1994 and 2008. After that, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was frustrating and exhausting to coordinate the family morale along with work, design, finances and my own studies.

"Starting to work on my own has been complicated, especially the cost of premium materials and the extensive finishing my designs require.

"Today, there are three family members working in our workshop — an uncle, a brother and my father. Each one looks after different tasks. My uncle does the accounting and my brother is the administrator, while my father and I do the designing. I especially like doing the finishing by hand and monitoring the quality of each piece from start to finish. I try to come up with new ways of communicating and of structuring the work process.

"What I like best about my art is the possibility of making something unique yet perpetual and expressing my ideas and feelings through it. It's challenging to get everything in syntony — the design, ergonomics, quality, accessibility, beauty and singularity.

"I find inspiration in visiting museums, in observing the work of other jewelers and of sculptors and painters. I use silver, gemstones, modeling paste and paper.

"It's a great feeling to be able to give a formal job to members of the community and offer flexible hours to single moms. My workshop also supports sports teams and encourages physical activity."
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