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Omayra Jaramillo

Omayra Jaramillo

"I want to raise awareness that a disability is not a limitation, but a challenge that can be overcome through craft work."

"I want to raise awareness that a disability is not a limitation, but a challenge that can be overcome through craft... work.

"My name is Omayra Jaramillo Ramírez. I was born in Colombia, but I have lived in Costa Rica for 17 years. I am a designer and decorator of architectural spaces. For several years I have tried to win the battle over two diseases that slowly limit my physical functions: sclerosing osteomyelitis of Garre and rheumatoid arthritis, reasons why I could not continue exercising my profession.

"I began to work with artisan jewelry as a means of therapy so as not to lose mobility completely in my hands. I have always resisted my limitations because my actions are bigger than my disability, so in each of my designs there is an expression of love in the midst of pain, because I am not what I achieve, but what I overcome.

"Today I am looking for many people who suffer from some disability to be incorporated into society. I have spent time in giving workshops so that these people can make their own products and thus have an income with which to improve their quality of life a bit, because unfortunately there are very few opportunities that are presented to people who have different abilities. "

Omayra has shown that when God is her main motor there are no limitations that stand between her and her dreams. Omayra, an artist-decorator and restorer of pictorial and sculptural art, has had an artistic career of more than 20 years. Her best-selling and restored works are in countries such as Aruba, Curacao, the USA, Colombia, Brazil and Costa Rica. Apart from making jewelry, she also dedicates herself to other activities such as painting on canvas, iconography, religious imagery, and wood carving, among others.

Omayra also supports many charitable causes such as animal and environmental protection. A woman worthy of admiration, her illnesses have not been limiting. To the contrary, her impulses have led her to be the strong, persevering and hardworking woman that she is now. With a huge heart, she seeks to help many other people overcome their obstacles by discovering their own hidden talents.
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