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Victor Garcia

Victor Garcia

"I believe I inherited my love for this art."

"I began crafting jewelry at a young age," Victor Garcia says. "Along the way, I've met many people who have helped me... improve my technique. So starting young was an advantage.

"I work in silver and Guatemalan jade, with its subtle color variations and rich grain. It was highly prized by the ancient Maya and is popular with people all over the world today.

"I craft a wide variety of styles with innovative designs and they've reached all kinds of shoppers because I've been able to earn their support and preference.

"I'm from the beautiful town of Antigua, where I was born in 1976. My family is wonderful.

"I believe I inherited my love for this art and this has helped me master it. My brothers are also artisans. One of them works in handcrafted wrought iron."
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