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Sumita Ghosh

Sumita Ghosh

"I want Indian arts and crafts — especially Bengal's rich traditional crafts — to be sheen all over the world through my handbags and accessories."

"I'm from Assam in Northeastern India. My friends consider me to be hard working, innovative and wickedly funny! I... became interested in crafting handbags because my mother was an avid self-taught knitter and embroidery artist who passed her legacy on by teaching me.

"My mother's job involved traveling throughout India, which allowed me to see the traditional arts and crafts of different regions up close. This influenced me to create my own handbags and apparel to showcase the rich artistic heritage of my country. From a young age, I was interested in painting. My mom taught me informally, and then I took lessons in school. Learning batik and block printing techniques were the highlights of my school days. Eventually, I earned a degree in design.

"My materials are primarily naturally fabrics like cotton, jute and silk. I obtain them from weavers and cooperatives that sell only the work of community artisans, weavers and printers.

"My most treasured moments are when I am working on a new design. Creating textures, patchwork and embroidery designs are high points in my process. I love traditional arts and crafts like block prints, batik, zardozi, and hand-embroidery techniques such as kantha and kutch.

"I've had my ups and downs, but came out quite confident from the challenges I faced. I quit a stable job so that I could pursue my passion for crafts. I experienced financial instability and the difficulty of balancing family with raising funds for my work.

"With the unwavering support of my family, friends and especially, my husband, I have created an identity for my handbags and given wings to my imagination. I want Indian arts and crafts — especially Bengal's rich traditional crafts — to be seen all over the world through my handbags and accessories.

"I dream of one day setting up a workshop exclusively for women of Bengal, where they can nurture and hone their embroidery, sewing and crafting skills."
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