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Patterned Kente Rayon Accessories for Women

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Cotton kente shoulder bag, 'Legacy' - Cotton kente shoulder bag

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Cotton kente shoulder bag


Cotton kente cloth scarf, 'Healing' - Cotton Kente Cloth Scarf

Guaranteed Delivery


Cotton Kente Cloth Scarf

(Gobah Tengey-Seddoh)

Cotton kente tote bag, 'Neighborly Love' - Cotton kente tote bag

Guaranteed Delivery

Neighborly Love

Cotton kente tote bag


Cotton blend kente cloth scarf, 'God's Child' (4 inch width) - Cotton blend kente cloth scarf 4 inch

Guaranteed Delivery

God's Child

Cotton blend kente cloth scarf 4 inch

(Madam Adwoa and Onyame Akwan Dooso)

Cotton kente cloth scarf, 'Purple Femme' - Cotton kente cloth scarf

Guaranteed Delivery

Purple Femme

Cotton kente cloth scarf

(Gobah Tengey-Seddoh)

Kente cloth scarf, 'Tribute to Mother' - Kente Scarf from Africa

Guaranteed Delivery

Tribute to Mother

Kente Scarf from Africa

(Gobah Tengey-Seddoh)
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