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White Floral Accessories for Women

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Embroidered wool shawl, 'Paisley Queen in Black' - Paisley Motif Wool Shawl in Black and Snow White from India

Guaranteed Delivery

Paisley Queen in Black

Paisley Motif Wool Shawl in Black...

5.0 (Syed Firoz)

Wool shawl, 'Blue Flower Breeze' - Wool shawl

Guaranteed Delivery

Blue Flower Breeze

Wool shawl

(Syed Izaz Hussein)

Silk batik shawl, 'Blissful Lotus' - Silk Batik Shawl

Guaranteed Delivery

Azure Dreams

Silk Batik Shawl


Hand painted silk shawl, 'Green Orchid' - Indonesian Silk Shawl

Guaranteed Delivery

Tender Orchid

Indonesian Silk Shawl


Alpaca blend shawl, 'Midnight Wheat' - Handcrafted Alpaca White and Grey Reversible Shawl Wrap

Guaranteed Delivery

Midnight Wheat

Handcrafted Alpaca White and Grey...

(Isidoro C'cahuantico)
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