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Crochet Floral Accessories for Women

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100% alpaca shawl, 'Cherry Blossoms' - 100% alpaca shawl

Guaranteed Delivery

Cherry Blossoms

100% alpaca shawl

(Elvia Melendez)

100% alpaca shawl, 'Andean Flower' - Hand Crocheted 100% Alpaca Shawl with Fringes from Peru

Guaranteed Delivery

Andean Flower

Hand Crocheted 100% Alpaca Shawl with...

(Maria Esperanza Jauregui)

100% alpaca shawl, 'Poinsettias and Pinwheels' - Black Alpaca Shawl Hand Crocheted with Stars and Pinwheels

Guaranteed Delivery

Poinsettias and Pinwheels

Black Alpaca Shawl Hand...

(Maria Esperanza Jauregui)
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